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AFR BOSS announces Marina Go as “True Leader”

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AFR BOSS announces Marina Go as “True Leader”

This week, AFR BOSS announced Marina Go as one its True Leaders 2016. The list comprises 20 leading Australians who “work for a greater cause, have courage and tenacity in pursuit of a larger goal, and craft compelling messages that inspire others into action. They believe in the potential of others, do not seek recognition or status and want to leave a legacy that benefits the wider community.”

We couldn’t agree more.

As founder of Break Through Blueprint, Marina is passionate about helping women navigate their careers and reach their potential.

image00But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And only one of Marina’s many achievements.

In particular, AFR BOSS has highlighted Marina’s achievements as a board director. This is especially notable with what she has done as chair of Wests Tigers. It wrote: “She took on a club that was failing and has been instrumental in leading a board that turned that club around.”


Sarah Balestro