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The Book

IMG_7757Break Through is the best-selling book by Marina Go. The book has now inspired a movement of like-minded women aiming for career success.

That success can take many forms – whether that’s to become CEO, work flexibly from home or create their own businesses. Break Through Blueprint continues from where the book left off, providing women with mentoring, success strategies and practical tools to navigate their careers and lives.

Break Through tells all about Marina’s climb to the top of the Australian media and sports industry in this inspirational guide for future female leaders

During her cadetship at the Daily Mirror in 1983, as a ritual of self-amusement the deputy editor would call Marina and her fellow young female journos into his office every Friday and attempt to make them cry.

“What the f–k is this shit?””
“You can’t f–king write. You call yourself a journalist?
“Do you expect me to print this rubbish?”

Well, Marina never let him see her cry, and that deputy editor (a very well-known editor named in the book) had just taught her the first leadership trait every woman needs: Be thick-skinned. Be feisty.

Over 30 years later, Marina is one of the most successful leaders in the Australian media industry. From editor of Dolly at 23 to CEO of Private Media in her forties, she now has many more essential leadership qualities up her sleeve, and imparts her wisdom to the next generation of female leaders in her debut book, Break Through – part memoir, part motivational career how-to.

The daughter of migrant parents from Hong Kong and Italy who grew up on the outskirts of Sydney, Marina is a staunch advocate for gender diversity at leadership level, which has proven to be positive for business and for future gender equality. 

“If everyone around the board table has attended a private school, has an economics or law degree, is roughly aged 60, is male and from an Anglo-Saxon, middle-class background, then how on earth do we expect them to challenge each other’s thinking on what success could or should look like?” Marina asks.

In Break Through, Marina shares exactly how she broke through to the top of the media industry, taking us inside the cutthroat world of Kerry Packer-era women’s magazines alongside Nene King, Lisa Wilkinson and Pat Ingram. She details the challenges of balancing a career with two sons and the backlash she’s received from the sport industry since becoming the first chairwoman of Wests Tigers NRL Club.

Empowering, inspiring and hilariously candid, Break Through equips women with practical skills needed to handle those inevitable career curveballs and gives them the confidence to smash stereotypes and barriers that get in the way of their success. Learn when to give in and when to hold your ground, strategies for juggling work and family, how to manage a team so that everyone feels they matter and knowing when to walk away.

“If any of this helps just one more woman climb the ladder of her personal goals I will have done my job,” Marina says.



Praise for Break Through

‘Marina Go has already had a dazzling career… from Dolly to Crikey she hasbeen a genuine leader in Australian media. Thankfully she has found the time to tell us how.’ – Helen McCabe, former editor-in-chief Australian Women’s Weekly

‘A revealing biography that will engage, inform and inspire a generation of women who aspire to leadership in their chosen fields. A galloping good read, laced with real wisdom and authenticity.’ – Graham Bradley AM

‘Hopefully this will embolden other women, help them navigate and give them the courage demonstrated by Marina in this wonderful story of success and courage told with great care and humanity.’ – Ann Sherry, CEO Carnival Australia

‘Break Through is a must read for young women (make that all of us). It reminds us not only how deeply women want to share the risks, responsibilities and rewards that come with leadership but also how to do it.’ – Wendy McCarthy AO


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