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Your chosen career is an adventure – not a life sentence

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Your chosen career is an adventure – not a life sentence

To get what you want in life, you have to first know what you want. And if you’re in the early or mid stages of your career, I know that it can be difficult to figure out what’s out there and what you’re going to enjoy.

Jobs and careers are developing all the time. So your perfect dream job may exist but perhaps you just haven’t discovered it yet. Or perhaps you’re afraid to make decisions about your career in case you pick the wrong one. What if you pick a career you think you’re going to enjoy but end up finding the reality of the job is nothing like you expected – and you hate it!

It’s perfectly normal to feel daunted when faced with career decisions, but the most important thing to remember is that just because you’ve chosen a particular career doesn’t mean you need to stick with it forever. A career isn’t supposed to be a life sentence, it’s an adventure that’s going to have highlights, lowlights, successes and probably some disappointments, along the way.

A career isn’t supposed to be a life sentence, it’s an adventure.

The decisions you make now simply impact your life right now. If you end up being dissatisfied with the choice you’ve made, don’t feel you have to be trapped in a career or job that isn’t right for you. That’s because you can make a decision to change direction. It sounds so simple – and it is.

While it’s important to make sensible decisions – and financial security is an important factor when choosing a career – it’s even more important to choose a career that keeps you stimulated, alive and keen to get out of bed in the morning!

I want to leave you thinking about this: What would you like to change about your career if you could?

Valerie Khoo

Valerie Khoo is CEO of the Australian Writers’ Centre, one of the world’s leading centres for writing courses. She contributed to Fairfax for 13 years and has held senior editorial roles at ACP (now Bauer), Pacific Magazines and EMAP. She was editor of Business Chick’s Latte magazine for five years and regularly writes for corporate and consumer titles. Valerie began her career in chartered accounting at PwC before moving into public relations, journalism and then entrepreneurship. She is co-host of the podcast “So you want to be a writer”, recently listed as one of the top 30 podcasts for writers in the world, and “So you want to be a photographer”. Valerie is also a mentor with the Australian Businesswomen’s Network.